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The Cleveland Foundation has awarded a $2.2 million, one-year grant to the Internet of Things Collaborative (IoTC), a partnership between Case Western Reserve University and CSU. Created in 2017 to position Cleveland as a leader in digital innovation, the partnership is  bringing together industrial, governmental, educational, neighborhood and non-profit entities to harness the IoT’s vast potential.

The funding follows $2 million in grants the foundation awarded the past two years to help establish the IoTC, attract top academicians and create research labs for the initiative.

The Internet of Things refers to the massive interconnected network of devices and serves as the technology framework for blockchain and other future digital innovations. The IoTC is focusing on four sectors in Northeast Ohio: manufacturing, health, energy and municipal infrastructure.

According to some industry estimates, the number of IoT-related devices is expected to exceed 30 billion by 2020, and the economic impact of related projects is predicted to reach as much as $6 trillion worldwide within five years.

Sands Among Most Interesting

CSU President Harlan M. Sands was named to Cleveland Magazine’s roster of Most Interesting People for 2019.

The magazine cited Sands’ diverse career experience — in higher education, as an assistant public defender in Miami, and on active duty for more than 10 years in the U.S. Navy, where he received two Naval Commendation Medals.

The magazine also commended the president’s One Thing campaign asking students, faculty and staff to submit suggestions for making CSU better. More than 400 suggestions were received.

Sands told Cleveland Magazine that #lifelonglearner would be his hashtag and “work hard and everything else will work itself out” is the best advice he’s ever received.

Stop the Commencement Ceremony!

David Petrefski proposes to nursing graduate Heather McCue moments after she receives her diploma.

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Preventing Leaks with the Internet of Things

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Combatting Disease Through Gene Research

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Roadtrip - President Meets with Alumni

The CSU Alumni Association has been on the road, engaging with graduates near and far. All trips featured CSU “Then and Now” presentations, receptions that drew large and enthusiastic audiences, and a very special guest – President Harlan Sands – in his first official visits with out-of-state alumni. Read more >>

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