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Engineers without Borders

Student Shaun Clark received hands-on engineering experience when he traveled to the western end of Panama to study a community’s water needs.

He was the only CSU student among six participants on the weeklong expedition with the Northeast Ohio Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB).

In Panama, the group was divided into tactical and PMEL (planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning) teams. Some of Clark’s duties on the tactical team were to identify and test every water source, checking for Ph levels and arsenic and bacteria counts. While the tactical team tested the waters, the PMEL team interviewed and surveyed the community to determine its water needs.

With their collective results, the group determined there were problems delivering water to the community. Now, they are focusing on designing a centralized location for water delivery, which the professional chapter of EWB will travel back to Panama to implement.

This isn’t the first time Clark has been on an international engineering-based trip; he went on an assessment trip to August Pine Ridge, Belize, in 2017 with the CSU chapter of EWB. That group is currently trying to obtain water meters to send to the community in order to start collecting data to improve the water delivery system.

This year,

Northeast Ohio marks the 50th anniversary of the Cuyahoga River igniting.

Cleveland State, with its prime location near the river and Lake Erie, is joining in the celebration.

Through research, conservation and other means, CSU faculty, staff, students and alumni are focusing their energies on this most precious natural resource.

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