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Business prof’s top podcast seeks to create better workplaces, one listener at a time

Aside from his work as an associate professor of management at CSU, published scholar, consulting firm co-owner and U.S. Navy Reserve captain, Ben Baran, Ph.D. also finds time to connect with his rapidly growing audience as co-host of “The Indigo Podcast: An Exploration of Human Flourishing at Work and Beyond,” that debuted two years ago. It currently sits in the top 20 percent of podcasts globally. 

Hosting alongside Baran is Chris Everett, a fellow U.S. military officer, whom he met in Afghanistan while on active duty. Everett, who resides in Utah, works as a global business consultant and continues to serve as an officer in the Army National Guard. Together, they seek to present proven solutions that work and not just anecdotal stories.

“The aim of the podcast is to bring science and evidence-based proven methods and theories into real-life organizations and businesses, with the goal of helping to create flourishing environments that bring greater happiness and achievement overall. So much of our time is spent at work, so why not make that time as meaningful and supportive as possible?” Baran said. 

“We provide information for everyone at the table, from young adults just starting out in their chosen professions to seasoned professionals and leaders in the workforce—and for people looking for a career change.”

The Indigo Podcast is available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Learn more at

Advice on happiness in the workplace  

While landing the perfect job at the perfect organization is unrealistic, Baran has some advice for those who are struggling to find meaning and a level of happiness in their current jobs.

“I tell people to first, make sure to keep your options open. Also, work toward developing your own brand – that is, develop an expertise in your field of interest or study.  Additionally, remain committed to finding alternative paths when needed that bring greater levels of happiness at work,” Baran said.

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