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Parker-Hannifin Living and Learning Community Promotes Academic Success

Helping students succeed through Say Yes to Education is the Parker Hannifin Corporation, a longtime partner of CSU.

A $5 million gift, part of an existing financial commitment to CSU from the Parker Hannifin Foundation, will establish the Parker Hannifin Living and Learning Community, which will provide CMSD graduates studying at CSU with two years of free on-campus housing and student support services.

Introducing the Living and Learning Community with Parker Hannifin Chairman and CEO Tom Williams.

Providing financial support for on-campus housing reduces a significant economic barrier many students face when pursuing a college degree and enhances student progression and graduation rates. Studies have shown that students who live on campus, particularly as freshmen and sophomores, progress and graduate at higher rates and become more integrated and engaged students across campus.

The Parker Hannifin Living and Learning Community will offer mentoring services that match students with faculty and peer mentors, and directed career preparation activities such as job analysis support, internships, co-ops and hands-on research projects.

“Say Yes will get students to CSU. The Living and Learning Community will help them stay and graduate,” says Tom Williams, chairman and CEO of Parker Hannifin. “We are proud to support CSU and Say Yes to Education by strategically investing an existing commitment that will have a great impact on the future success of Cleveland public school students.”

“A residential community is more than a residence,” adds Eric Gordon, CMSD chief executive officer. “It helps cultivate a college-going culture. The Parker Hannifin Living and Learning Community is a great example of how the Cleveland area has come together around Say Yes to Education and the promise it holds for our students.”

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