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Parker Hannifin Students Live and Learn

In early 2019, Cleveland became the fourth Say Yes to Education chapter in the nation, thereby making college free for virtually all Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) graduates. CSU welcomed 150 students to campus this fall through this initiative. 

Of those 150 students, approximately 30 have joined the Parker Hannifin Living Learning Community. The program offers a limited number of CMSD graduates who meet certain qualifications the chance to live in a CSU residence hall for two years for free. Room and board is covered, thanks to a
$5 million gift, from the Parker Hannifin Foundation.

The residential community, which focuses on leadership development and career exploration, allows students to concentrate on their studies without worrying about financial barriers, and positively impacts student success and retention. Studies have shown that students who live on campus, particularly as freshmen and sophomores, progress and graduate at higher rates and become more integrated and engaged students across campus.

Parker Hannifin Living and Learning Community students for 2019-20 are housed in Fenn Tower and participate in weekly, two-hour co-curricular study sessions or “happenings” that include tutoring, personal growth activities and campus life adaptation. The program is unique in that it has a strengths-based focus, encouraging students to realize their individual strengths and use them to advance in college, leadership opportunities and in their future career. In addition, students receive mentoring and advising from a dedicated graduation coach as well as other essential wrap-around support services.

Upon completion of the two-year program, students will be better prepared to identify a professional career pathway; engage in internship, co-op opportunities and hands-on research; assess personal strengths to inform leadership development; leverage community and leadership networks; and emerge as CSU student ambassadors and Parker Hannifin Living Learning Community student representatives.

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