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Chiefs of the Cabinet


When Mayor Justin Bibb was elected Cleveland’s 58th mayor, he began assembling the team that would help him move the city forward. Impressively, a quarter of those he put in charge  — chiefs in his cabinet — are Cleveland State alumni. They’re shaping policy, establishing reforms and charting a course for Cleveland to flourish.

“The City of Cleveland and Cleveland State University have a long, collaborative and connected history,” said Mayor Bibb.

“This is highlighted by the number of CSU alumni leading the city today. These leaders have deep experience and a strong commitment to our city and to public service.”

Bradford Davy (MS ’14)

Chief of Staff

Davy plans, organizes and manages the operations of the Mayor’s Office. Advising Mayor Bibb on current and emerging issues, he works to ensure staff across every department and division are supported to advance Mayor Bibb’s ambitious agenda. 

“Cleveland’s success ultimately depends on our collective action as a community. As Chief of Staff, I hope to empower colleagues, stakeholders and residents to break down barriers that prevent our city from reaching its full potential.

“Through collaboration, consensus-building, problem-solving and an uncompromising commitment to our shared vision, I am focused on driving actions to resolve long-standing problems and capitalize on opportunities.”

Sarah Johnson (MBA ’05)
Chief of Communications

“Mayor Bibb has a vision for a safer, more equitable, healthier city with good jobs, great neighborhoods and opportunities for all Clevelanders. We work every day to move this vision forward and improve the lives of the residents of Cleveland.

“In communications, it is important for us to make sure we meet our residents where they are, provide them with the information and resources they need, and engage them in the work.

We must use the right mix of platforms to meet the unique needs of our residents. It is my hope that we can help the residents of Cleveland participate in this movement to make our city the best it can be.”

Sonya Pryor-Jones (MA ’97)
Chief of Youth and Family Success

Pryor-Jones is charged with the mayor’s vision for supporting the youngest to the oldest Cleveland residents. She partners with early childhood organizations and oversees the mayor’s Office of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults, and the Department of Aging. Both departments are driven by a mission to ensure quality of life for residents across the city.

“I want to serve as an example to young people who are growing up in the city and attending our public schools, that they can succeed and use their God-given talents to make a difference in our community.”

Karrie Howard (JD ’07)
Chief Public Safety Officer

As Chief Public Safety Director, Howard is the Executive Lead of the Department of Public Safety and the Public Safety Divisions which include Police, Fire, EMS, Animal Care & Control, Corrections, the Bureau of Emergency Communication and the Office of Emergency Management and Information Technology. 

“I have many goals that I would like to accomplish as the city’s Chief Safety Director. Primarily, I seek to ensure that the city is prepared to overcome challenges and threats to the safety and security of the city, now and in the future….It is my hope that my time in this role, not only fosters a better relationship between members of Public Safety and the public, but successfully creates a culture of an ideal employment experience as well. One thing that has become apparent during my tenure in Safety, is that we (safety forces and the public), are most effective at creating a safer city when we work together.”

Delanté Spencer Thomas, Esq.
(JD ’16, MLRHR ’16)

Chief Ethics Officer

Thomas is the city’s first-ever Chief Ethics Officer, responsible for building an ethics compliance and education program. This includes providing advice and counsel to the mayor, senior leaders, and the city workforce on Ohio ethics laws, in an effort to promote public trust and reduce acts of misconduct. He is working to reshape city policy on ethics to reflect Mayor Bibb’s commitment to transparency, integrity, and compliance with Ohio law.

“Often, governmental entities are commonly associated with misconduct and corruption, but the Bibb administration wants to change that narrative, by weeding out bad actors and lifting up the many public servants who come in day after day and year after year, working for this city. I am excited to be part of that change.”

More leaders in the Cabinet

Mary Bradley (JD ’98)

Executive Director, Civil Service Commission

Joyce Pan Huang (MUPD ’16)

Director, City Planning

Martin Keane (JD ’02)

Director, Public Utilities

James DeRosa (MUPD ’03)

Director, Mayor’s Office of
Capital Projects

Marie Zickefoose (BA ’06)

Senior Strategist,
Press Secretary

Kevin Schmotzer (MUPD ’97)

LGBTQ+ Liasion

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