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LCC Joins Enhanced Transfer Partnership

Cleveland State University has created a series of innovative partnerships with local community colleges which are designed to create a comprehensive, assistive pathway for students to make the easy transition to Cleveland State and on to graduation and a successful career.

Lakeland Community College recently joined Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College as the third partner in this unique and transformative initiative. Called CSU Bound, the program provides Lakeland students with a new streamlined and enriched pathway to transfer to CSU and earn a four-year degree. The program is an extension of Lakeland and Cleveland State’s existing educational partnership and will be open to all degree programs at Cleveland State. 

“This initiative will provide the innovative academic support and mentoring that is critical to helping all students reach their college and career goals,” says CSU President Harlan M. Sands.

CSU Bound will prepare students for an urban school experience through a Future Vikings Learning Community where they will take classes with peers on Lakeland’s campus, receive streamlined advising services from both institutions and have access to facilities such as computer labs and recreation centers at both schools from the beginning of their educational journey all the way through graduation from CSU. Students still in high school can get a head start on this path to a CSU bachelor’s degree by taking College Credit Plus courses from Lakeland, saving even more time and money in pursuit of a four-year degree.

“The CSU Bound program provides students with a clear roadmap to earn an associate degree from Lakeland and then a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State,” adds Morris W. Beverage Jr., president of Lakeland. “Research shows that having clear pathways makes it more likely for students to stay on track and be successful.” 

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