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A message from the president

Dear Vikings and friends, 

It is my pleasure to introduce our summer issue of Cleveland State Magazine. Looking back at everything we have accomplished since the fall is staggering, and in the pages to follow, you will get a sense of the activity, excitement and progress that has filled our year.  

This past academic year has, without a doubt, been a time of change. After living with “the new normal” of COVID-19 for nearly 18 months, we adapted once again — this time to a modified, in-person classroom experience that adhered to health protocols. Thanks to everyone’s efforts to mask up and stay safe, we were able to engage with each other in our academic buildings, in our research labs and across campus. We could even gather in the Wolstein Center for in-person commencement ceremonies and to cheer on our student-athletes.  

And when I assumed the role of the university’s eighth president this spring, I had the honor of celebrating the year-end with our students, their families and friends. Award ceremonies, receptions and other festivities filled our Student Center almost daily in the weeks leading up to Commencement. It was so much fun!  

This spring, we also announced changes coming to our college structure — a key part of CSU 2.0, our strategic vision for the years ahead. As we shared nearly a year ago, a realignment of our colleges creates new combinations of previously separated programs. As a result, our students will have unique opportunities for study and research and experience a more inclusive and wholistic approach to their disciplines. For students interested in CSU or new to the university, the realigned structure is clear and welcoming as they learn to navigate their academic pathways. More information on this college realignment will be coming later this year. 

In addition to coming together in the classroom, we also had the opportunity to watch student performances, attend art exhibitions and enjoy the many concerts throughout the year. I am so impressed with the talent of our students. With the arts playing such an integral role in the CSU experience, it’s no wonder that our alumni have made incredible strides in these areas. In the stories ahead, you’ll see how Vikings have become an integral part of creative placemaking and the culture of Northeast Ohio and beyond.

They are fulfilling their own dreams, supporting the visions of other artists and sharing their talents in ways that enable communities to thrive. 

Together, let’s celebrate our milestones and strive to help others who are reaching their own.

Laura Bloomberg, Ph.D.
Cleveland State University


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