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Pathway to College

Partnerships Boost Student Success

Cleveland State University is widely recognized as a leader in providing accessible, affordable and quality education, as well as for its commitment to student success. And now, a host of new initiatives and partnerships will broaden the pathway to a college degree and career.

“These strategic partnerships focus on Cleveland school graduates who currently don’t attend college, students at community colleges, and international students,” says President Harlan Sands. “In addition, I personally visit inner-ring high schools to help students see that CSU should be their top choice.”

Say Yes to Education a “game-changer”

Cleveland was recently designated as the fourth Say Yes to Education city in the nation.

Say Yes to Education will make college free for graduates of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) who meet residency and other requirements. The transformative initiative will provide “last dollar” scholarships for college tuition, picking up the difference not covered by other scholarships or grants. Say Yes also will provide wrap-around support services, including health, mental health and legal services, as well as tutoring, after-school and summer programs.

The program will begin with the high school graduating class of 2019. Almost $90 million has been raised locally to provide scholarships to any public university, college or Pell-eligible certificate program in Ohio, including Cleveland State University.

“We look forward to having even more CMSD students say yes to education at Cleveland State, and we are committed to doing all we can to assist them in completing their degrees and starting rewarding careers,” says President Sands.

The CSU campus is already home to three CMSD schools: Campus International School, with 700-plus K-8 students; Campus International High School, with 200-plus students; and MC2STEM High School, with 200 students.

“Fewer than half of CMSD graduates enroll in college within one year of earning their high school diploma. Say Yes to Education is a game-changer for them,” adds the president.


Paving the way from two-year to four-year degree

Signing Degree Link agreement with Tri-C President Alex Johnson.

CSU has broadened its ongoing partnerships with Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) and Lorain County Community College (LCCC) to make it easier for students at those two-year schools to earn a four-year degree.

Beginning this fall, Degree Link will offer dual admission at both CSU and Tri-C, enabling students to register for classes at both institutions, take advantage of special events and facilities at both, count on guaranteed admission to CSU upon completion of requirements at Tri-C and have access to a variety of resources to help them succeed.

”Degree Link amplifies the power of a Tri-C education by providing a clear path to continued academic success at Cleveland State,” says Alex Johnson, Tri-C president.


Announcing UP Express CSU with LCCC President Marcia Ballinger.

A similar partnership with LCCC, called UP Express CSU, also will provide students with dual admission. Students can take up to three classes at CSU while attending LCCC and will prepare for an urban school experience through a Future Vikings Learning Community where they will take classes with peers on LCCC’s campus, receive advising services and have access to facilities at both schools.

“Many students begin their academic careers at a two-year institution with the goal of ultimately transferring to a university to obtain a bachelor’s degree,” notes President Sands. “These two programs will deliver new and innovative academic assistance and targeted resources to make this goal a reality for more students.”

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